Terms & Conditions

Food Tourism App is a gateway to meet services of the culinary industry in destinations you might want to meet. The professional team in each of our destination is locally owned and independent, the Food Tourism engine is a system that makes services available to clients, advertising free and professionally sorted. We cannot accept responsibility for the quality of the service clients might end up getting at any of the participating vendors. We can only testify to our own, professional, unbiased and selective preview done on site.

We are doing our utmost to keep this site updated at all times, using feedback from clients to eliminate suppliers that do not meet standard and to constantly add the better performing establishment. Yet, as one can estimate, the food and beverage industry is a vibrant one and keeps changing day and night. Our exposure of services is done on their request, and paid for – and the sole responsibility for the service lies upon the vendors themselves. 

Information regarding the services, pictures and prices are samples of what was available at the day of our inspection – and it might change by the time clients visit the service. Once again, the sole responsibility on pictures and content update and the sole owner of the copyrights for the pictures – are of the provider of the information.

We welcome feedback, and we use if often to upgrade the quality of services, please feel free to contribute your experience and share it with us using the contact form via mail. In emergency cases you are welcome to contact us by phone or fax for immediate human assistance.


Using the Web site and the App:

We are doing our very best to support the technical aspects, provide 24/7 server assistance and duplicate servers for the eastern and the western hemispheres, however – there are times that its beyond our ability to control connection issues, availability of service or other mishaps that might reduce or temporarily eliminate service. Please send us feedback when addressing such a problem, and allow time to fix it in the best possible way – avoiding it from re-occurring any time soon.

Access to the site is open to all users; we do not advertise any porn or other items that might be considered illegal or immoral in countries. However, from religious point of view, we do not block restaurants that serve any type of food or beverage, even those that might not meet all religious regulations. It is up to our clients to ensure if food is Halal / Kosher/ Vegan or any other restrictions or limitations one might require.