How does it work

Welcome to our FOODIES heaven - the culinary site of Israel. This app is part of a worldwide effort to make interesting and unique food services accessible to foodies. Under the guidance of a professional committee, we have assembled the best of services in a wide variety of fields, from high end restaurants to street food, all kind of artisanal manufactures of unique local foods - wine makers, cheese producers, bakers and olive oil makers- carefully selected and presented by geographic areas.


We encourage you to register to our site, by doing so you´ll be able to develop your personal profile of culinary interests and we´ll be able to alert you on your most favorite places when you are in the area. Keep in mind that the app can provide you with hot recommendations only when turned on.


It is important for us to tell you that all participating suppliers have been carefully selected by a team of leaders in culinary tourism and they pay annual flat fee for marketing services we provide. We do not make commission on sales and we do not allow advertising in this site. We keep our recommendations to the top of professional decisions. Enjoy the site and please keep in touch by giving us your suggestions and sending links to your friends.